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Croton Water Treatment Plant

This DEP project at 370 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, New York treats 290 million gallons per day of New York City water.

WDF and Picone have combined in this joint venture project.

WDF is completing mechanical installations and clear-water reservoir plumbing work. This project includes installing piping for water coming down from reservoirs. Croton, a huge ultra-violet filtration plant, will treat New York City water with ultra violet technology.

WDF is also furnishing, with Rael Sprinkler Co. as our subcontractor, fire pump, fire sprinkler protection system, and an FM 200 clean agent fire suppression system.

The piping includes service water to all equipment, plant drainage, pump discharge, domestic hot and cold water and sanitary drainage. WDF and the subcontractor will also furnish fire pump systems, fire sprinkler systems with Fm 200 clean agent suppression system.

Croton Water