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Quality, safety, integrity and excellence are the core values for all WDF Inc. projects.

Quality and safety concerns drive the WDF Inc. team to work at the highest levels of expertise and professionalism.

That's why we hire the most experienced men and women to work at every level of our company. We seek excellence from our employees and trust from the people with whom we work.

At WDF Inc., we believe that our passion for our work produces excellent outcomes and successful projects.


WDF is a GreenStar company.

WDF Inc. strives to be at the center of building for the future. We expect exceptional growth in the major United States metropolitan markets in complex, large-scale infrastructure and environmental projects. Billions of dollars in mechanical contracting opportunities will also arise in the near future and WDF Inc. is poised to respond aggressively to win its share of the work.

Our staff of experienced executives will spearhead the assault on the new work with support from a well trained management team. We have built and will continue to build a strong, passionate team of professionals who rely on solid standards of design, project management and financially responsible business acumen.

WDF Inc., Five Star Electric Corporation and Nagelbush Mechanical Inc. have combined forces as GreenStar Services and as such are prepared for continuous inevitable growth.

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